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Structure of the page
The main usage of this page is the providing of datasets . These datasets are also associated with descriptive posts .

You can search for technical terms (e.g. solar) or project names (e.g. extremos). The results include both – posts and datasets.

On the dataset pages there is a download button.The data is provided as JSON result.


The REST interface can be used for advanced work with the data. For more information on REST, see here.

The download buttons use REST for a database query. By modifying the download links, additional filter criteria can be realized. This can be used to create user-specific queries. A more detailed explanation is coming soon.


You can also access from Python. The following snippet can be used as a template.

import requests
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

url   = ''

id_temporal = '17'
internal_id = ''

id_region = '9162000'
year = '2010'

table = 'demandregio_temporal'
table_description = table + '_description'

filter_description = '?id_temporal=eq.' + id_temporal
filter = '?id_temporal=eq.'+id_temporal+'&&id_region=eq.'+id_region+'&&year_weather=eq.' + year 

if internal_id=='':
    filter = filter
    filter = filter + '&&internal_id=eq.{'+internal_id+'}'

result = requests.get(url + table_description+filter_description)
df = pd.read_json(result.content)
lbl_y = df['title'][0] + ' in ' + df['units'][0]

result = requests.get(url + table + filter)
df = pd.read_json(result.content)
data_y= df['values'][0]

plt.xlabel("hour of the year " + str(year))
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