Final CO2 Emissions per Application (Europe NUTS-0)

Within the project eXtremOS application-oriented emission balances for 30 European countries were created. Through the methodical combination of various statistical energy data and based on the application-oriented energy balances, national energy-related CO2 emissions can be presented in different levels of detail (sectors, applications, energy sources and branches). In addition, a distinction is possible between CO2 emissions from final energy consumption and CO2 emissions from energy source processing. For one thing, the balances enable energy-related analyses, e.g. the highlighting of country-specific characteristics or cross-country comparisons. For another, the statistical data can serve as model input for energy system modeling.



Depending on internal_id[5]

Spatial resolution:




Internal ID:

internal_id_type[3] = 78: Sub Application
internal_id[3] = 11: Space Heating
internal_id[3] = 12: Warm Water
internal_id[3] = 24: Lighting
internal_id[3] = 25: ICT
internal_id[3] = 213: Process Heat
internal_id[3] = 221: Climate Cold
internal_id[3] = 222: Process Cold
internal_id[3] = 231: Compressed Air
internal_id[3] = 232: Pumps
internal_id[3] = 301: Mechanical Energy
internal_id[3] = 2134: Process Heat > 500 °C
internal_id[3] = 3106: Process Heat < 100 °C
internal_id[3] = 3107: Process Heat 100 – 500 °C

internal_id_type[5] = 97: CO2 Emissions
internal_id[5] = 1: absolute CO2 emissions in t CO2
internal_id[5] = 3: CO2 emissions per capita in kg CO2/capita

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2020-10-26 (updated on 2022-05-20)

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Final CO2 Emissions per Application (Europe NUTS-0):; München: Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft e. V. (FfE), 2020.