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The FfE Open Data Portal offers an overview of free datasets for modelling energy demand and generation. The datasets are based on FfE projects, some of them have been funded by public resources.

By passing on free and licensed data, the FfE makes an important contribution to the further development of energy system transformation and energy system analysis, but also to informing the public. The publication of data provides the basis for good scientific work; uniform interfaces enable efficient handling of the data.

If you have any questions regarding the FfE Open Data Portal, please contact us by e-mail to opendata@ffe.de. Visit www.ffe.de for more information on the FfE or further requests for data or analysis.

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Harmonization and development of methods for a spatial and temporal resolution of energy demands



Dynamic and Intersectoral Evaluation of Measures for a Cost-Efficient Decarbonisation of the Energy System


Value of flexibility in the context of European electricity market coupling with extreme technological, regulatory and social developments


Accompanying Research on the Energy Turnaround in Transport


Development of methods that allow several measures for carbon abatement to be measured with regard to their cost-effiency

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