This project focuses in particular on the construction and expansion of charging infrastructure in order to make electric mobility more attractive for both private individuals and businesses. Essentially, the positioning, planning, design and concrete technical implementation of different charging points are conducted in the project. The FfE is primarily concerned with the analysis of the grid load in the distribution grid of the city of Munich. For this purpose, the simulation model GridSim, is applied to evaluate the effects of different types of charging infrastructure. The data sets published in the project include high-resolution, relevant characteristics in the context of electromobility.

The described contents will be processed by the FfE within the joint project München elektrisiert. The FfE-activities in the joint project Me are funded within the context of the Sofortprogramm Saubere Luft 2017-2020 (funding code: 01MZ18010B).

A more detailed description of this project can be found on the project-website of the FfE.


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